Eddie the Eagle Edwards

The Strength to Soar Like an Eagle

A number of years ago, a great friend and I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours skiing with the Winter Olympic Ski Jumping legend that is Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards. There’s a couple of things you immediately learn when you’re with him. Firstly he’s an exceptionally great skier, he’s calm, considered yet has a steely determination that isn’t often reported on. Most preferring the plucky comical Brit that warmed the hearts of millions in 1988 Winter Olympics. I fondly recall him talking about the strength of mind needed to do that first jump from a big ski hill.

Needless to say recieving the following email from Eddie is a massive boost to my mental prep for my channel swim.


“Can’t imagine what it must be like to swim fro 13+ hours in the Channel across to France, the mental strength needed for such a challenge is way beyond most people could ever do. I really hope you can do it and search very deep inside for any images and quotes that can help you on your immense physical and mental journey. All the very best and I’ll be thinking of you.


Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards

Thank you Eddie, it means a huge amount to me.

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